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Exciting things!
09-01-2014, 02:53 am

I have a couple exciting things to bring up today! ^_^ First, I've been on a roll with the pages lately and things are getting done very fast. In the past week or so we've hit page 200 (!) and also Ichigopan's third anniversary! And I finally got off my ass and started working harder. xD

In celebration of these events, I'll be updating the manga TWICE a week this September! Yay!

The second (and possibly most important thing) is that... I'm now on Patreon, an awesome website that lets you support your favorite artists for a very small monthly fee in exchange for cool bonus stuff!

Please check it out here!

If you're a fan of Ichigopan and enjoy goodies like early samples of a future page's line art or bonus sketches you can't see anywhere else, please consider supporting me! ^_^ It would mean SO much to me and help me to reach some goals that would make creating Ichigopan faster and easier, meaning more pages and other cool stuff for you guys. Plus, you'll be helping me to reach my ultimate goal: to be able to work on what I love full-time!

Thank you for looking <3

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